Phytola Underway

Phytola is building on the collaborative network of the existing Bioactive Oils Program.

The focus is innovation aimed at increasing canola seed oil content, creating new, enhanced designer plant oils, and developing a suite of next-generation oilseed development tools, techniques and technologies.

Industry partners are an important part of Phytola, not only providing financial resources, but also advising on research direction and subsequent commercialization.

Phytola will provide multidisciplinary training opportunities for research associates, post-doctoral fellows, graduate students, and technical staff, who come to Phytola from a variety of academic backgrounds. This will lead to uniquely qualified personnel who possess the broad base of skills and experience needed for the continued leadership in the rapidly growing biotechnology industry in Alberta and Canada.

The Bioactive Oils Program, funded by AVAC, led to knowledge and results that have provided the platform for advancement to Phytola.

Collaborations with industry partners have progressed to scientific plan development and sharing of agreement structure.

Seed required for projects relevant to both the Bioactive Oils Program and Phytola is being increased in contained environments.

This is an exciting period as Phytola ramps up to full capacity across the collaborating industry partners and institutions!

-­Portions of this article are courtesy of the University of Alberta Faculty of Agricultural, Life & Environmental Sciences Annual Report.

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