Phytola engages in a diverse range of research initiatives that address challenges and opportunities facing Canada’s oilseeds industry. Our aim is not only to generate new market opportunities through the development of novel specialty oils, but also to develop technologies and expertise that support ongoing innovation in agricultural biotechnology.

Our multidisciplinary approach combines decades of experience in lipid enzymology and biochemistry with the latest analytical and biotechnological tools. Although our current focus is primarily plant lipids, our team benefits from extensive knowledge of the lipid biosynthetic pathways of both animals and microorganisms, allowing us to work with a variety of methods and model systems.

Currently, Phytola’s research comprises three strategic themes:

Phytola has also worked on projects relating to the development of specialty oils for non-food applications (e.g. biofuels & biolubricants) and welcomes inquiries from potential research partners regarding work in this area.

All of Phytola’s projects undergo a rigorous market opportunity assessment, outlining potential paths to commercialization, as well as regulatory and intellectual property considerations. Our researchers are supported by a management team composed of Phytola’s Scientific Director, Centre Manager, Business Development Director and an intellectual property consultant specializing in plant biotechnology.